Tegan Kline

Tegan Kline

SpecialityCo-Founder & Business Lead, Edge & Node

Tegan Kline, Co-Founder and Business Lead at Edge & Node (the team behind The Graph), helping to ensure a vibrant decentralized future. Tegan is working on The Graph, an indexing and query protocol organizing the world’s open blockchain data and making open data a public good.

She is the former International Business Development Manager and OXT Relations Lead for Orchid, an A16z and Sequoia-backed blockchain company that created tools and protocols for users to obtain digital freedom and an open and accessible internet. Tegan successfully helped to launch Orchid at a 400m valuation on Coinbase.

Prior to Orchid, Tegan was the Executive VP of a patent marketplace powered by blockchain, analysed by AI. She began her career in Investment Banking at BAML and, prior to discovering blockchain, worked in Sales and Trading at Barclays.

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