Richard Li

SpecialityCEO, 4k

Richard Li is the CEO of 4K is the world’s most trusted bridge between physical and digital worlds. By leveraging state of the art authentication, high-security storage, and operational transparency, 4K offers users the ability to create physically-backed NFTs. 4K is a marketplace, a protocol and a service layer.

Richard has deep industry expertise in the blockchain space. He was on the original Cypherpunks mailing list prior to Satoshi’s release of the Bitcoin whitepaper and has remained a part of the crypto community ever since. He launched and led, which became one of the most recognized marketing agencies in the space. As the General Partner of AlphaBlock Investments, Richard was an early-stage investor in many successful blockchain protocols and companies, including Solana, Polkdadot, Filecoin, Cosmos, Chainlink, Avalanche, Arweave, and Alchemy.

Most recently, Richard was a co-founder and COO of Cerus.One, a blockchain infrastructure company that supports proof-of-stake networks. Certus.One secures more than $1B in staked assets and was recently acquired by Jump Trading. Richard’s work building one of the world’s top digital asset validators makes him the perfect fit to build 4K, the world’s top physical validator.

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