Marc Weinstein

SpecialityPartner & Head of Platform, Mechanism Capital

Marc is Partner and Head of Platform at Mechanism Capital, where he focuses most of his time researching investments in the NFT & Gaming sectors + supporting Mechanism portfolio companies after an investment is made.

Marc has been an investor in the cryptocurrency industry since 2017. He started his crypto career in at DNA Fund in Los Angeles until joining Wave Financial as a Principal on the venture team. At Wave, he led many investments into protocols and companies including NEAR, Skale, and Securitize.

He is also an active angel investor having invested in over 40 crypto companies + protocols including Yield Guild Games, Ceramic, Liquity, and others. Marc participates in the DAO ecosystem as a member of Seed Club, PleasrDAO, JENNYDAO, and Own.Fund.

In his free time, Marc likes to teach yoga and breathwork 🙂

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