Portrait of Kristin Stone for Mainnet 2021

Kristen Stone

SpecialityCOO, Balancer Labs

Kristen Stone is Chief Operating Officer at Balancer Labs, leveraging 5 years at Coinbase where she built teams in product, engineering, and partnerships.

In early 2017, on the business development team at Coinbase, she launched integrations with Fidelity and USAA. She then shifted to support the engineering team as the first project manager leading 70 engineers in creating a collaborative process. Continuing to work within the engineering organization, she became a Product Manager leading the development of Coinbase’s backend product that handled money movement from banks and blockchains across 7 applications.

At Balancer, Kristen is driven to create an open-source model for operations with a focus on generating well-being for those in the community. She is inspired by the work of Frederic Laloux who developed a framework to describe how organizations have evolved over time and posit the next evolution of organizations will be “living systems.” In these organisms, change happens everywhere driven by a self-organizing urge that comes from within every cell without the need for central command and control.

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