Hilmar Maximilian Orth

SpecialityCo-Founder, Gelato Network

Hilmar Maximilian Orth is the Co-Founder and Legendary Member of Gelato Network. Prior to launching Gelato, he previously co-founded a blockchain startup in Berlin in 2017, which focussed on helping some of the biggest companies in Europe utilize smart contracts to explore new business models such as decentralized energy trading.

Having studied Finance in his undergraduates, Hilmar developed a strong understanding of the current financial industry and why decentralized finance is so important to solve its inefficiencies. Hilmar has extensive experience building and cultivating tech startups, which he did in his previous jobs which include YC startup Superside.

Since participating in “”The DAO”” in 2016, Hilmar is a firm believer in DAOs and how they can help communities collaborate on a global scale in a much more frictionless and cost-effective manner.

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