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The mainnet adventure

Mainnet is an immersive, agenda-setting summit held annually in-person and virtually by Messari. The summit gathers crypto leaders, operators, builders, and investors for three days of future-focused collaboration, networking, and programming. 


With 150+ speakers and 2000+ pass holders, attendees should expect interactive discussions, hands-on product demonstrations, and one-on-one meeting opportunities with leaders in the space. For those unable to join us in New York, the summit will be available virtually. Attendees will also have access to archives of all sessions to stream on their own schedule shortly after the event concludes.

35+ Hours of PRogramming


Exclusive Interview Segments

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MAINNET 2021 is designed to be an immersive and interactive summit. Here are just some highlights of sessions and tracks



After its success during Mainnet 2020, the Proof of Work track has returned! Consume 20-minute rolling updates from 30+ projects during our Proof of Work sessions. Designed to provide attendees with a flashback over the past year’s advancements, as well as a look toward the future, this is your opportunity to delve into the strategy of the most innovative projects in our industry.


Dive deeper into challenging issues with panels, fireside chats, presentations, and unique content formats. Our Proof of Stake track tackles topics including scaling, on-chain analytics, the life of aggregators, and incentivizing open source work.

testnet environment

Our Testnet environment is more than just product demos. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with some of the best and most innovative products in the industry. Try new platforms and chat with the teams to provide them with valuable feedback that they need to improve their product experiences.


Sprinkled throughout our PoW track, we’ll feature 5-minute lightning demos from some of the most promising up-and-coming projects.


Curated by attendees and guided by thought leaders, our Open Source sessions are sure to provide you with the education and engagement you crave. From small pods to full blown workshops, the 7th floor will be lined with whiteboards to promote collaboration and attendee-led discussions and debates.


Content may be King but networking leads to unique business opportunities and future collaborations. Mainnet empowers attendees to network at their own speed with 1:1 meetings and small group huddles. Whether you’re joining us at the New York Marriott Marquis or tuning in from your office, we have you covered with unique matches to propel your business forward and enhance your overall experience.



Layer-1 chains are growing increasingly complex, even as Layer-2 solutions are booming. Both types of Layer-1 chains—vertically integrated and modular—are finding favor with users. The most mature of them all have triggered blossoming Layer-2 ecosystems. Mainnet sessions on Main Stage, Proof of Stake, and Proof of Work will give you a chance to dive deep into these complex ecosystems to understand the most pressing issues facing developers and users there. Highlights include:
► From Ethereum to Solana and Cosmos, sessions convene key people from each of these ecosystems so you can hear them think aloud about what lies ahead.
► [Main Stage] The Big Four gathers the major scaling solutions on Ethereum for a moderated discussion on what’s next for liquidity, applications, and users. We’ll ask them pre-submitted questions and those from the live audience.
► [Proof of Work] Roadmap updates direct from the most important projects in the space, as selected by the Messari analyst team. Expect analyst and investor questions to dig deep into project financials, technicals and community.

Operating advice

Mainnet is for operators, so we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of running a project, from hiring pseudonymous professionals to community cultivation and governance. Watch out for:
► [Main Stage] Pseudonymous Professionals convenes the most noted pseudonyms in the space and tell their stories.
► [Proof of Stake] Maintaining the Maintainers: Solutions to Open-Source Funding dives into the theory and practice behind paying for public goods, and maintaining the digital commons; and DAO Ops looks at how DAOs maintain communities and compensate contributors.

The Multichain Future

A multichain world isn’t just the future, it is the present. Today there are 10 blockchains that store over $10 billion in assets. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the leading blockchains, store $700 billion and $500 billion in assets, respectively. A number of sessions across Main Stage and Proof of Stake will examine the implications of a multi-chain world for liquidity, developer mobility and value accrual. Highlights include:
► [Main Stage] Liquidity Games breaks down the game theory around liquidity provision across L1s, L2s, and bridges with a panel of market-makers, developers, and analysts.
► [Main Stage] Bridging the Multichain Future examines cross-chain infrastructure. If we live in a multi-chain world, what is the decentralized infrastructure we need to make this real? Our panel of builders and users will analyze the state of play.
► [Main Stage] The Multichain Future convenes leaders of the most important new chains in the industry.

Web3 and Beyond

From the future of ERC-721 to NFTs beyond the gallery, Mainnet will explore the most innovative Web3 paradigms and introduce the teams building them. Don't miss:
► [Main Stage] NFTs Beyond the Gallery looks at what happens after cryptoart and collectibles. How do we get to the next million Dapp and NFT users?; and The $9 Trillion Opportunity: Building a Crypto-native BlackRock dives into composable and trustless financial services and products. Who needs asset managers when we’ve got DAOs?
► [Proof of Stake] Decentralizing AWS: How Web3 Will Unbundle Data Monopolies examines the disruptive potential of data storage, management, and distribution in a Web3 world.

2021 Speakers

Portrait of Do Kwon for Mainnet 2021

Do Kwon

Co-Founder & CEO, Terraform Labs



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